At the early age of 50, Susan Garton was diagnosed with terminal Melanoma cancer. Over the last year of Susan’s life, filmmaker Katy Garton documented moments only a daughter could capture. After her mother died, Katy set out on a journey to share what so many of us experience when we lose a loved one. As she discovered her own way to heal, Katy explored our culture’s fears about death and how these anxieties affect those who are dying. By weaving together a personal narrative with powerful visuals and Susan’s quirky spirit and spitfire humor, Little Mom Full of Color offers a sincere and inspiring perspective on the end of life experience. A story rarely told, but shared by many, Little Mom Full of Color is about an artist living through the pain of terminal cancer, a medical system that could not heal, and a filmmaker on a quest to honor her mother by sharing a universal message about dying well and coping with loss.

Little Mom Full of Color