As an an undergraduate college student, I studied Physics, with a passion for the stars. When I wasn't conceptualizing the world above me however, I was outside exploring the natural world before me, always with a camera in hand.

It only seemed natural years later to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts from Montana State University's Science & Natural History Documentary Filmmaking Program- film school for scientists. It was during my graduate work that I discovered that in addition to using film to help bridge the gab

between the sciences and the arts, I had a passion for sharing human stories and using documentary as a tool for enriching perspectives and cultivating social change. What resulted, was a Missoula Montana based production company called Sprout Films.

For my thesis film, I shifted gears from the traditional science documentary
and focused on developing my voice as a social documentary filmmaker.
What resulted was this film, ‘Little Mom Full of Color' To learn a little more
about me and my work as a documentary filmmaker, here are a few stories.

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Little Mom Full of Color